The 4th of July

I dread this holiday. I don't like fireworks. Pretty as they are, they are loud and intrusive to my brain. I do like natural fireworks, lightening, lightening bugs, water reflections, sun sparks, shooting stars, but artificial lights are outside of my comfort zone. I don't know the origin of them, or how they began, but they scare my dogs, as well and many dogs in my neighborhood. I'll sit at home on the 4th, as well as days before and after, because people like to celebrate early and a dog that is penned is in torment when sounds are polluting their ears' hearing. Painting my own light is what will feed my time and soul. Ill set up in the living room, so my animals can be close, and we will listen to loud music with the blinds and shutters closed. I cant imaging the art that will be born. As always, I have a title and image in mind, lets hope I can transfer it to surface. Maybe Winter's paw can make a mark, my beautiful white shepherd. Maybe Bobo's nose will dot and dot, my goofy pound rescue who has to smell every single thing in existence. We will see. As for tonight? I hear the city will begin the celebrations. So, off I go to sleep, so I can be awake all night.