how to describe my art

Think about a time you walked in the woods, or anywhere when you had no purpose, just walking. Maybe you stopped to look at a tree, up. You looked up at branches, a wind or breeze moving leaves, the smell of air crisp, and you breathed it in, the seeing and the smelling. Picture leaves in fall, red, yellow, some with brown drying edges, and a couple release and fall. Picture resting on the ground and how you feel seeing the colors, feeling the dirt, the space, and hearing. Were there cars or children playing, maybe birds or planes. All the emotions and sensations and visual impressions, all of it. Quiet. What do you feel? Where is your mind? How do you stay in the moment? That is what I paint. I paint moments, feelings, sensations, and emotions. I paint reality in color with abstract definition, because really, that is what a moment is, a blink in time. I paint the between the lines of logic, and I soar with the memories and realities of the things of life that are mostly ignored or unnoticed. I am an artist.