Finally Fall is here and my mind is waking up fully. I suffer through Summer, when others cheer and celebrate, mostly kids :), but the hot weather is not for me. I love the open window and cool nights, the introduction of Winter to come, maybe even snow! This is my time. Those cold days when everyone is hunkered down with hot drinks and closed doors, I take to the world in sweaters and coats, boots and hat, and the world is mine. My trusty wolf dog and I walking the woods or streets, we love the solitude, then back to the studio to work without interruption. No more the night walker, as my new puppy has changed my schedule to sun, not moon time. I'm up at 5am and ready to get on with the business of creating. Another glorious day, this October morn, and the paint is already open and laid out, canvas waiting. Oh how I love the limitless time of infinity that exists in my mine. A universe to explore in that creative stream that caresses the air and calls me forth.  Peace and love to you, and light!