She was prone to unexpected acts

It is a new day, but to me a continuation of a long night of creativity. I feel the surge of energy, and there is no denying the fact that it must be expressed physically. For me that expression is with paint on surface. Almost in a trance like state, I begin to apply color, color sounds, and I listen to the symphony of hue as I move in rhythm to the composition that is appearing before me. Last night music was turned on to calm my explosive momentum. I only had one available canvas, and I knew if I did not rein myself in a bit, that the walls, floor, and any available surface would become a painting, a large painting! I am not concerned that something has been lost while curtailing myself this way. That same frequency is still very much alive and will appear soon in a larger continuation of the work completed last night. There is so much to reveal, and time is eternal whether here in physical form, or later when my expression will be pure light soaring with others in the universe.