New Clarity

There may be a certain place on this planet that resonates with a person, but if you are not in touch with yourself, your core, then the path you walk will offer nothing but dirt on the soles of your shoes. I discovered this on my last visit to New Mexico. My plane landed, and I felt no different, not the usual spiritual breath of release and rebirth that fills me with fire. As I drove the highway north, the mountains were silent. When I arrived in Santa Fe, the earth was merely a surface to hold my feet, and I cried. I was lost from myself. It wasn't until I visited a gallery in Dixon, that something opened inside of me. The owner, a gem healer, graciously offered a tour of her work room.  There were all types of stones, all colors and sizes. I was drawn to the box that held the purple stones. The longer I viewed them, the calmer I became, and I began to come back to myself.  Later that night as I sat outside my hotel room, I recognized and released all the fear and negative thoughts that I had unknowingly been holding on to. Little by little I began to heal. I sat beneath the aspens and felt them again. I drank the breeze and listened to night birds and became intoxicated with joy, and I began to laugh, cry, and dance. I was home, not only in my beloved New Mexico, but in my own skin as well. The next day I returned to Atlanta, and that night, back in my studio, I began to paint "The last....A quieter transformation," and "It's just one of those things..."  My intuition directed the brush, and my energy grew. On Wed. evening I attended a yoga class and received more healing. The teacher directed the class through various poses, and I experienced a release,  a rush of energy and clarity of inner sight that wrapped me in a new light. I saw pathways,  doors, and fresh visions. I returned to my studio that night and painted until dawn, completing the two paintings I had begun days before. I am back. I am reaching into that space between realms, and I am painting true. I am thankful for the new ways I am discovering and the teachers that I am finding. Perfect life, with perfect rhythm, and I dance.










and moved the brush.