When I begin to paint

The blank canvas sits on my easel and I have no patience for waiting. I say to myself, I will change clothes first, or cover the floor, or arrange my brushes, but I don't. When a new canvas is placed on the ease,l I have to pick up a brush and make a mark. Two or three or more hours later, I have covered the surface with a first layer, maybe the second, and there will be no breaks until I have come to a place where I can see the end of my creation, where I can visualize it clearly. The first mark is the key to a door that opens for me. There is no turning back-I have seen beyond, and I have already entered the creative stream I will travel on and with. Some say my work feels ethereal, spiritual, magical, or emotional, and it may be all of those things or something different. My paintings may contain something there are no words for yet, or ever. I only know that when I paint, that I paint myself and my experiences when in the intuitive place where  I live.