Painting with others

Once upon a time I found other artists who "got me." It wasn't by accident. It was by intuition that I took my physical body to the place where like souled humans would be gathered. And we met, and we laughed, and we painted color music, and we became a tribe of connected  creators. As I navigate on earth and through time, I choose my friends, my tribe members, my direction, intuitively. By doing this I avoid much stress. My purpose is to create and share joy, and my path is guided by my inner sight-there is no other way. I know when I meet someone if there is a special connection, and they feel it too, and my heart sings each time our souls touch, because  we have woven a permanent thread into a universal design. It isn't just with artists that I feel this connection, but also with the  open hearted and open minded-the unique individuals who exist beyond the physical the ones who see from the inside out. My own intuition grows with each encounter and as it does I am able to see more clearly into the hearts and minds of others. I can see the places that need healing, or comfort, and I can offer myself as a channel. I can also see the ones to avoid,  and I remove myself from their space. I am an independent woman, an artist, and a warrior, but I am also gifted with a special energy to share when needed. The point?  I painted with other artists this past winter. I met other healers, seers, and helpers. When I left that magical place, my own magic had hatched from its stony shell. Today I celebrate the life I have on this earth and for all eternity. I honor the tools that I have been gifted, the tools that help me find balance.                                                     Peace and love to you.