When I Have to Stop Painting

I have to stop the actual physical process of applying paint to canvas, when there is work to be done. I have book keeping, supply buying, bill paying, and packaging and shipping to do, and I do it all well, or designate those who do-so my business runs smoothly. But, I suffer if the work takes too long. The energies and images that I connect to and with, begin to build and expand until I have to express them creatively or burst. For the last three days I was in Florida setting up my business account with my new business manager. She took my box of stuff and put it all neatly in a computer file. She organized and actually enjoyed doing it, as I looked on with amazement that her head was not exploding. After answering a few questions that began with, "what the heck is this?"  I was free to paint, and paint I did. I used the motel table and left this plane of existence to fly into my creative zone. I brought back image and color and color music, and I recorded a piece of all I saw onto a 24X24 inch canvas.  Oh the joy of my gift, and I am so thankful for it. Now home again in my studio, my messy disorganized studio, I am arranging color and canvas and feeling the excitement grow as dusk is closer and my painting time begins. I will be gone into that infinite place until dawn. Brush and paint and intuition will dance and music will play in the universe as I combine elements and compile them into surface for others to see and resonate with. I am an artist!!!!!