I have entered a new phase in my life

What does it mean to enter a new phase in your life? How the heck would I know. Every phase is different-no reference point to measure from.  I just know that I have entered unfamiliar territory lately. Something has shifted, and the energy that dresses me each morning is different. I feel bigger, somehow, and that is invigorating! It is like I have shed some shell and grown without a new one. I can accept that totally. Confinement of any kind offends my sense of free flying imaginary dragon, and dragons have scales, not shells, so I suppose I have upgraded my mental image of myself, and that in itself is so funny that I am sitting alone in a room giggling.  If you know me well, you know that I have absolutely no filters. I breeze through the world/society, here and there, in total ecstasy in the moment to moment of miracles that life offers. Tonight the clash of opposing colors on canvas thrilled me. Almost connecting-touching, neutralizing each other, instead they flirted on the edge, pushed a bit here and there, touched then retreated, leaving a tinged muddy squiggle, before rising in pure pigment to reign over what was just one brush stroke. Red!! red and roaring towards green-kissing the lip, mingling just enough for danger, then retreating back while grabbing an orange on the run.  Tonight, like many nights, I danced with color. But, tonight the color taunted me to dare to attack and rearrange all the pigments, just to the edge of bla. Haha!!! I don't even feel a bit guilty for the mess I made, for as the brush began to work that strange power took over, and I was a helpless partner in a passion dance. I love it! I love my life! I love creating with forces that drive me, compel me, tempt me, and disguise themselves as mere material objects. I know better, because I know things. I feel things. I see things. And I travel on my personal stream of creative wonder with a roar from my heart and joy in the ride. I am Marti, and I move with the rhythm of the universe.