Sometimes I write to relax

Sometimes my mind, most times my mind, works faster than a computer. I make keyboard mistakes.  I had a writer send me a private message about my words. I was given advice about the technical aspects required for good writing and how I was missing the mark, as far as she was concerned. Ok, and what does this mean? This means that my writing does not fit into her framework of required adherence to rules. What do I think of this? I think nothing, because I write from the same stream of creativity that I paint from. When I write or paint, the words, colors, color music, all flow and create a surface that mirrors the wonders of my journey into my intuitive destination. Do I misspell when I write? Of course, at times I probably do, and I don't care enough to have concern about that. My writing is my sharing of thoughts-it is my break from painting. It is my relaxation. My painting is sharing pieces of infinity-it is my desire, my love, my passion, my need. I am an artist, whether using paint on canvas, words on paper, or notes to the air from my flute.  I share the experience of joy that I encounter every moment of everyday, and I drink in the energy of response from those who feel what I feel, or want to. Life is so good, that I don't have time for negativity. I prefer to create my own reality, and move quickly away from the ones who choose to instruct me, instead of creating their own path.