When I use inner vision

Already I have written this post, and it has disappeared somewhere into cyber space, I suppose. My first attempt was on my kindle fire. There is a great lesson here. Only use the best resources to express your intentions-whatever they are. When painting, I use quality supplies, paints, brushes, etc. When writing, I use, like now, a computer to get the best results when sharing my words. My previous post referred to a painting I had begun on Friday night. Also I wrote about my feeble attempt to delete a profile photo from Facebook, and instead, deleted myself, then added me back three different times. What is the correlation? I think the universe is telling me, over and over, to stop trying to control and start to listen and absorb. My Friday night painting was purposely painted in the dark. I had placed my palette with paint, my water, and my brushes, within reach. Then I began to visualize my canvas surface with an image I could see in my mind. I painted long into the night, in the dark, and I only saw my results today. Amazing! It is as if the image in my mind became an energy that flowed down my arm, onto my brush, and then to canvas surface. With only a few differences, it is exactly what I had imagined. What does this mean? I have no clue, but I do know that on Friday night I had inner vision, and that if I had it then, why not all the time? And, if I can achieve this vision in the light, the possibilities of viewing the world are endless-or are they? Maybe the inner vision is the only vision-the ultimate "seeing!"  I will file these questions away for now. It is studio time, and no thinking allowed. Peace and Love to you.