When you have to do it all yourself

I am busy, all the time. Mostly I am painting at least 50 hours a week. I am an artist. I was born an artist, and using paint to create what I experience from my creative stream is the medium I have chosen-for now.  So, I am busy all the time.  I designate the business details as much as I can. I want my clients to have the very best, because I care. I care about my paintings-they are my own creations, a part of me. I care about the relationship that the viewer has with them.  My work offers an energy, a unique visual experience that is comprised of the creative gathering of light and form and visions that I experience when in my studio and with my canvas. When I create, I have no boundaries. I am intuitive painter.

Sometimes the designation of business details does not work, and I have to take over and do it myself and take charge, and I will take charge. Every aspect of the business side of my art is important to me, every client, and every viewer. I welcome comments always. I love when a work resonates with another. I love to hear how a painting has affected the viewer. I just simply love people, all kinds of people and the connections that develop through my art.

I welcome you to my site. I welcome you to the light and energy that I paint. I hope your experience is wonderful. Let me know. Communicate with me. I designate, but I am in every part of this experience, and I want you to know that.

Peace and love from me. Shine and smile and dance, always dance.