Fall is here

This fall began with a trip to Sedona Arizona. I stayed a week and was truly changed. I can't begin to explain the changes in me when I walked on the Airport Vortex, alone one morning. I can only call it magic. My art has begun to flow out of me in small six by six paintings, pieces of a stream of energetic happenings, like frames in an old movie.

I am presently working on a twenty piece series. I will hope to post here when it is complete.

so much love and light in this world, if we take the time to really see.....

Hot Hot Hot

It is the end of July and my thoughts are slow with the speed of my brush, hot and humid, the air weighs me down. I have spent time reading books, many books, all kinds of books. The images that I see daily and in my mind are now coupled with the images that are formed by an author's word or thought. Characters come to life and watch me paint, and I laugh at them, because at any moment I can close the book, shelve the book, or cancel the book from my Kindle. If only life was that simple.