I can tell you where I've been, but I no longer define myself by my past, other than to tell you that I'm a natural born artist.

I live in Florida, but my heart resides in the desert and the mountains. I love rocks and trees, bones and sky, clouds and dreams, and storms.

Where a writer expresses with words, I express my story with paint on canvas, the story between the lines, the unseen made visible, an intuitive creation that has energy of its own. My desire is that my work resonates with the viewer in a way that elicits feelings that create change in the thought process. I want the viewer to be a participant in the journey that I record, to be moved by a desire for more, not to just see from one point to another, but to receive a craving for  exploration that involves questions, memories, and a connection with something familiar. I am interested in what is beyond the everyday physical reality of form and color. I am interested in the intension of shape and line in nature, the acknowledgment of subconscious realities, communication with universal knowing that connects us all. I simply write the conversation with paint, the conversation that I see, feel, and hear. I seek those who hear the creations I offer.